Our “Donald Trump themed game” was inspired by the historic 2016 US presidential campaign to “Make America Great Again.”  After watching campaign coverage for a year, beginning with the kickoff of the Donald Trump campaign in June of 2015, we were inspired to create something unique to memorialize this campaign and election.
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It was Sandy “Tea,”  owner of The Video Dominators, an Indiana based marketing company that specializes in video, who was first encouraged to pursue the development of a game app.  She awoke from a dream in June 2016 with the thought of “an old school board game” in the fashion of “Candyland” for a “Donald Trump takes the White House” styled game.
But it was her lead animator, Neil “Sky” Dhar, and his Kolkata, India based company, Creative Sky Studios  that brought this idea to fruition.  Neil’s incredible art work and vision along with the assistance of a fully dedicated app development team (along with hours of creative consultation, many hours of US – India based strategy sessions, and lots and lots of tweaking) produced a humorous and engaging game app for these historical times.
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Along with the development and production of this Donald Trump based game app came the creation of a new app development business enterprise, Sand and Sky Productions where East meets West and a strategic alliance between Indiana and India makes for a great partnership in developing more gaming apps!  (What else?  😀 )
So please check us out at Sand And Sky Productions  for any video or app development needs…and get our FREE gaming app Thump It Up!! NOW featured at the Google Play Store
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